The Pleasing Features That Characterize a Boutique Hotel

As a person gets ready to travel to Melbourne and stay there for a couple of weeks for business, positive reviews of a Boutique Hotel in an ideal location may appear during Internet searches. The business traveler wonders what the difference is between an independent boutique hotel and regular hotels that typically are parts of chains. As with boutique stores, these hotels are smaller than most chain hotels and focus on providing more personalized service.

Examples of Amenities

Since these lodging establishments usually aren't as large as those of chains, travelers may wonder if they will have to give up their favorite amenities. That's not necessarily the case. Depending on the specific hotel, it might have a fitness center and billiards tables, which is the case with hotels like Treasury on Collins.

The establishments commonly have at least one restaurant on-site along with a cocktail lounge. That feature is much appreciated by guests who would like to have a couple of drinks without leaving the building. It's relaxing to simply head from the room to the bar without venturing outside. Room service is available, and so is a free continental breakfast in the morning.

Because of this particular hotel's location, guests have plenty of opportunities to visit local restaurants, shops, and various points of interest within walking distance. The railway station is also within walking distance, and taxi service is readily available.

Historic Character

A boutique hotel in Melbourne might take up all or part of an old, historic building instead of being relatively new. That gives it a unique character while still offering updated, modern rooms and the technology people demand. The exterior and the public spaces might be thought of as quaint or historically elegant. These lodging facilities have their own distinct features and often maintain noteworthy vintage characteristics. This isn't the usual cookie-cutter style so many travelers have become accustomed to.

Suites and Apartments

Because this kind of establishment often caters to people who stay for more than one night, suites and apartments are the norms. Business travelers and people enjoying the city on vacation like to have a refrigerator and a microwave in a suite or apartment so they have the opportunity to prepare at least some of their meals at the hotel. They save money that way, and they aren't always in the mood to go out for lunch or dinner. Hotel apartments generally have kitchenettes for the guests.